Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Winter pricing now in affect!

Pricing on a snow day is now $30 an hour. Simply put, you just cannot do as many walks in the winter due to weather, traffic, safety, etc.

Overnights start at $35 depending on needs.

Day sits will be determined based on needs as well as the total amount of hours. I.e. If you want your dog hiked while you are out skiing that would be $120 for 4 hours of hiking in the snow. If you just wanted him with me chilling and getting one walk around the neighborhood during that time, it would be $20/$30 for the hour walk and $10 hour for the board. That would just be $50 for 4 hours in the summer.

I will also be implementing a no show/cancellation policy as I have two other jobs I schedule this around. For example, if you are unable to pick up your dog at the set place and time you will be charged  a $25 travel fee for a change in location (Tahoe vs Truckee - not just across town.) Likewise if the missed pick up results in a weekend overnight that causes me to miss work that evening, it will be $100, as I would have made at least $100 that weekend evening.

Aa always please feel free to contact me with any questions!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Pages updated!

Check out my updates to my services and pricing page. I can now offer boarding again and I am still offering house/pet sitting at your home as well.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Canine Massage Coming Soon!

Arthritis? Hip dysplasia? Anxiety?

Canine Massage Services Coming Soon!

Boarding Services

In response to the many phone calls I have received for boarding...

Unfortunately I am not able to board during the day at this time. I have other day jobs. I am a massage therapist, personal trainer, and therapy exercise specialist to name a few. I am not a kennel service. All my professions are appointment based which allows me to perform them interchangeably. I can still pet sit at your house however. And I can board at night when I am home and present. But due to my new living situation I cannot just leave a dog at my house to surprise my new roommates with when I am not there out of consideration for them.

Please call or email me (see tab to right) with any questions.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Protest yelp

The same thing happened to me and many of my colleagues/business associates.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New year, new home... new business!

Welcome to the official website of Furs 'N Firs Pet Care of Truckee North Tahoe based out of Tahoe City, CA.

I am Stephanie, a pet sitting, dog walking extraordinaire. What makes me different you ask? Welp, let me tell you. Check out my story. But if that is not enough you can always check out my reviews.

Please be patient while I build this website and get all the necessary information on here to serve you better. In the meantime, I would love an email or phone call from you. :) I can be reached at 530-562-5052 and

You can also find me and review me on the following social media sites:
     Twitter-    @fursnfirs   or

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